1. Get your school registered
  2. Track your activities each day
  3. See how your school competes
  4. Great health & fun experiences


Key Benefits in How it Supports your School’s Health and Physical Literacy Plans:

  • Activation tool versus just provisional tool
  • Provides data captured through the online trackers. Includes baselines, and measures improvement.
  • Teach, assess and report student’s progress across their Fundamental Movement Skills.
  • Track your Daily Physical Activity (DPA) consistently across all classes taking part.
  • Track healthy behaviour changes.
  • FUN! See our 60MKC Schools in ACTION!
Our site works on most desktop and mobile devices.

Track & Monitor Your progress on any device

The online tracking provides feedback to students, parents and teachers on how the students and their school are doing during the challenge.

Our site works on most desktop and mobile devices.

Enter your activities daily to get points & reach goals

At the end of the entire year, the school with the most annual points is rewarded with a field trip to a cool destination.

Adults helping lift kids up.

Keep motivated and learn from champions in your community

Champions can be members of the 60MKC, Olympians, varsity and amateur athletes, principals, vice principals, PE teachers, PAC members, government officials, etc.